Architectural Services for Dental Surgeries

Working closely with specialist architectural companies, your dental surgery design by Paradigm will create the best possible environment for your practice.

Dental practices have specific requirements which have to be met, and we understand these fully. Unless the architect also understands these from the start, time and money will be wasted. So we oversee the entire process to ensure that the ideal solution is delivered. It's sad to say that, without such expertise and understanding steering the architectural process, it is quite possible to create a practice that is visually stunning, yet totally impractical.

So we plan to save you stress, time and money by guiding the project from start to finish.

The right way to proceed, on a step-by-step basis, follows this simple formula, with which we have enjoyed much success:

  1. Assess and interpret your feasibility study and consider all options. Once we've helped you make the right decision we will advise you how best to proceed and plan to assure the minimum of disruption.
  2. Working closely with our design team and architect we will create the environment you want. By working with Paradigm you can be sure your ideas will be translated into a viable working environment that meets all planning and regulation requirements.
  3. We will work with you to agree a realistic budget. We will help you plan logically and ensure that you avoid all the pitfalls that await the unprepared. Unless this process is undertaken carefully and methodically and strict control and supervision exercised throughout the project, it will, unquestionably, go over budget.
  4. Making the best use of space is what good design is all about and is of particular importance in the public and reception areas. The visual impact as the patient enters sets the tone for the entire visit. Paradigm has designed some of the most breathtaking practices in the country, often 'creating' space where none seemed available.
  5. We can also help you decide how you want to position your practice in the market place. Again we have a vast depth of experience we can call upon that will enable you to maximise the return on your investment.

We are happy to discuss all your plans with you and recommend which of our services and team are best suited to your needs.

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