Buying a Dental Practice

This is probably the biggest professional decision you will ever make and not one you should tackle without informed and expert advice.

If you have simply outgrown your current dental surgery space, and extending and expanding your current location is not possible, a complete move could be the best way to achieve your most desired work environment.

When buying a dental practice there are five key areas to consider:

  1. the age of the building
  2. construction
  3. location
  4. services
  5. costs

Paradigm has the experience to advise you through every stage and deal with complex issues before they become problems.

Our service includes:

  • careful checking of dimensions
  • dealing with Local Authorities
  • Building Regulation approval
  • Listed Building and conservation area approval where needed
  • heat loss assessment and compliance
  • car parking and disability access.

We will help you with every stage of the process, assessing key considerations, advising you on viability, providing detailed planning and implementation, through to helping with choosing appropriate furnishings and flooring.

We have years of experience working exclusively in the dental market and we urge you to call upon it. Our creative skills and innovative designs are fully recognised by the profession, but it is the ability to turn these into bottom line profit that has earned Paradigm its reputation.

So if you are considering buying a dental practice, do contact us. We are happy to help and advise and, when you are ready, undertake a comprehensive feasibility study for you.

We can also help with such areas as:

  • Assessing the suitability of premises
  • Undertaking searches
  • Reporting on building planning restrictions
  • Preparing a business plan for the practice

This is just a small snapshot of our services, which are fully comprehensive in the area of dental surgery design.

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