We probably have more real knowledge of the practical problems of implementing HTM 01-05 than any other dental supplier and, combined with our understanding of issues that can easily be overlooked, we offer advice on:

  • a proven protocol and procedure that will organise which instruments go into which trays in order to optimise decontamination room capability and use of staff time
  • a comprehensive and practical solution for decontamination in a separate LDU (Local Decontamination Unit), that includes a range of options to speed the flow of instruments using the available space
  • reducing the time your staff spend in your LDU to an absolute minimum
  • overcoming space limitation in surgery and decontamination areas
  • correct sterilisation procedures
  • durability and suitability of decontamination area cabinetry
  • potential devaluation of practice following uncontrolled implementation of HTM 01-05
  • requirements to meet building regulations and best practice standards
  • insurance claims as a result of non (or incomplete) compliance

How clever are you being about complying with HTM 01-05?

Essentially there are three ways you can approach complying with HTM 01-05:

  1. buy the sinks, some worktops and a disinfector just so you comply
  2. up the game a little and buy the above plus a handpiece cleaner so handpieces are returned quicker
  3. analyse your peak loadings and introduce an efficient system and protocol that will minimise staff downtime.

You will not be surprised to hear that we recommend route 3. We will design an efficient Local Disinfection (LDU) for you, train your staff, plan the detail, show you how to optimise the use of machinery, demonstrate how to save energy and minimise running costs and generally advise you on how to make HTM01-05 work for you.

Always keep in mind that decontamination is a hot, wet and messy business for which wood based cabinetry materials are completely unsuited. And that includes 'moisture resistant' grade MDF.

The correct solution is to use composite materials for the worktop, doors and carcass frame of the cupboard. We recommend a moulded carcass system that utilises materials such as ABS that will withstand the high humidity of an LDU and not deteriorate with constant exposure to water.

Find space for a decontamination room

One of the major challenges many practices have faced in order to comply with HTM 01-05 is actually finding space within the practice in which to locate their decontamination room.

If this is a problem that you are facing, we may well be able to find an answer. Our ability to find and/or create space where none appears to exist is proven in practices across the country. We have come up with solutions where the only option seemed to be to move premises. We have overcome some seemingly impossible situations, particularly in old and listed buildings and created highly efficient LDU's where surgeries are located on two or more floors.

Call on our expertise if finding space for an LDU is a problem for you.

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