Extend your dental practice

Extending your dental practice once again requires careful thought. Practices can tend to 'grow like Topsy' with no master plan. Unfortunately this unplanned growth generally leads to poor use of space, often creating 'rabbit warrens' that can have a disastrous effect on workflow.

If the feasibility study indicates that you do need to extend you must consider how best to run your practice while the work is carried out. It may be more viable to close down for a few weeks so work can proceed unhindered, rather than subject patients and staff to noise and dust. If space is available in, say, your car park, a compromise may be to place reception in a portable structure.

Extending can be stressful, and if not planned with care, potentially counter productive. Planned correctly, it will, in all senses, take you to the next level.

Throughout the entire process we will be on hand to assist with all aspects of the extension from planning how to minimise disruption to your day to day practice, to how to fully integrate the new and existing practice areas so that the end result will look and feel like a whole new building, created to your specifications.

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