Improving the dental patient experience

It is a mistake to believe that, if you are a dentist, your only competition is other dentists. In reality you are also competing with alternative ways the consumer has of spending money, the 'distress purchase' view of dentistry held by a large percentage of the population and that irrational, but nevertheless real, fear some people have of dental treatment.

So it makes good sense not only to market your practice well but to devote some time and effort to improving the dental patient experience at your surgery and at each subsequent visit.

Once again Paradigm has unparalleled knowledge from which you can draw and benefit. We know that the right environment and even which subtle touches will often dramatically improve patient perception, increase value per visit, and increase recommendation and loyalty.

When you are a Paradigm client our knowledge and understanding of patient behaviour is always available to you.

We can help you with:

  • Patient surveys
  • Enhancing the patient journey
  • Increasing patient value

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