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Dental Practice Design

Here at Paradigm we work daily with the dental profession to help you realise the true benefits that excellent dental surgery design can bring to your practice.

Some of the most exciting of our commissions have been for Principals who are at the pinnacle of their careers who are looking to create something that will not only be memorable, but will also add to the value of the practice. It is an investment that, if planned properly, will show a very rapid pay back.

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At Paradigm Design Solutions we have worked exclusively for the dental profession for more than 30 years. We design practices and surgeries that are a joy for the dental team to work in and wow patients when they walk in the door. We design cabinetry that not only looks beautiful; it actually reduces stress and fatigue.

Are you at the top of your game?
It makes sound economic good sense to plan to sell a practice that a potential purchaser can't wait to work in. The only downside may be that after a Paradigm Design is completed you may be reluctant to leave. But you really will have achieved a practice made perfect.

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Design considerations for a practice can take many forms and involve a number of skills that can be perfected only with experience. If you are considering upgrading or moving your practice you will soon appreciate why a specialist design service is essential. This is particularly the case when it comes to design of the interior layout, the position of services which support the practice and the space planning within reception and surgery areas. All these, together with aesthetic and ergonomic considerations, will affect the productivity of your practice and the patient experience.

Our service and our skills sit between those offered by architects and dental equipment providers. We have vast experience of working with every type and size of practice and with dentists at every stage of their careers. For us, every project is special, whether it is a modest start up or a full turnkey operation where we may be working alongside your architect and our experienced project specialists.

It is a daily pleasure to see the positive reaction of our patients to our new facility. Gavin's assistance with surgery design ensures flexibility and the intelligent use of space in communal areas helps us achieve the best possible patient experience.

Tony Auger, Hospital Lane Dental Clinic

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Have a look around our website for information and feel free to pick up the phone or contact us using the contact form. You will find our advisors very helpful and thorough. Every design team enjoys a challenge, and when that challenge is to create something extra special, everyone involved enjoys the 'buzz'.

Rest assured though that investing in a specialist design service really is the best way of ensuring the success of your practice as testified to by all our past clients without exception.