Dental Surgery Design Project Management

If there is just one piece of advice you should take to heart when deciding on your new dental surgery design, it should be this: never, in your wildest dreams, consider undertaking project management yourself.

In spite of whatever experience and knowledge you have of building trades and design processes, you simply will not have sufficient depth of understanding of building construction and structural knowledge or respect from contractors to check on-site that all the regulations by which you must abide have been adhered to and achieved. And some building contractors, if they sense they can get away with it, can be very creative in finding extras to charge for.

However employing a Project Manager can eat into your budget, easily accounting for as much as 20% of the total cost. So how do you do you bring a project in on time, on spec and on budget with minimal project management costs? At Paradigm Design Solutions we have evolved a way of working with preferred and trusted contractors, with relevant experience, that more than answers that very question.

What we do is prepare an exhaustive work schedule and agree every detail with you, the architect, the main contractor and your preferred equipment suppliers. Together with the main contractor we will discuss key issues such as scheduling different contractors to ensure a seamless work flow programme, minimising disturbance and noise, access, insurances, clearance and storage, critical path schedules, working hours, site managing, parking, updating of CAD drawings, utilities and compliance with regulations, ducting, fire regulations... the list goes on and on and underlines why it is a specialist job.

Effectively the working schedule is so disciplined that it is self regulating. The main contractors work for and report to you. This does not mean you need do more than maintain an interest and keep to an agreed payment schedule. Because you pay the contractors direct and you don't need a Project Manager, you will save a small fortune.

Working closely with you we will ensure that your vision is turned into a workable reality that's exactly the environment you need and want.

We have as a set of criteria for a successful project. It is:

"On time, on budget, up to the standard we and you demand, dates are in the diary to deal with snagging, everyone is still talking to each other, you are delighted with the investment made, and your patients and staff are excited and enthused, ensuring enhanced loyalty and an impressive environment that gives pleasure for years to come...".

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