Whatever the size of your project, our aim is always to exceed your expectations. We achieve this by taking the time to really understand your requirements, designing with skill and flair, planning the work down to the smallest detail and coming in on budget. Read about our specialist services and contact us for more information.

Our Services

Design considerations for a practice can take many forms and involve a number of skills that can be perfected only with experience. If you are considering upgrading or moving your practice you will soon appreciate why a specialist design service is essential. This is particularly the case when it comes to design of the interior layout, the position of services which support the practice and the space planning within reception and surgery areas. All these, together with aesthetic and ergonomic considerations, will affect the productivity of your practice and the patient experience.

Our service and our skills sit between those offered by architects and dental equipment providers. We have vast experience of working with every type and size of practice and with dentists at every stage of their careers. For us, every project is special, whether it is a modest start up or a full turnkey operation where we may be working alongside your architect and our experienced project specialists.

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