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The Client. 

Drs Henry Hoy

The Brief. 

Understanding exactly what the Principle has in mind is key to every project. This project underlines the value of listening and avoiding standardised solutions. 

The Results.

"Gavin runs Paradigm Design Solutions and probably knows more about how dentists tick than anyone ‘in the trade’.  He told me that one of the main challenges he has is trying to convince his clients to step away from the temptation to play designer and project manager.


I understand this.  When we extended our practice (we purchased the dental laboratory next door), I had some clear views about what I wanted. The point is that a number of my ideas, had they been implemented, would have been totally counterproductive in relation to creating the relaxing, welcoming practice I had in mind.  In contrast, Gavin knows exactly how to use space to best advantage, optimise surgery layout and workflow and minimise clutter. 


Above all, he understands the stresses of dentistry and the foibles and anxieties of patients. And his enthusiasm is contagious!"


Dr Henry Hoy

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