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 How do you shorten AGP fallow time?

Government guidelines require onerous fallow time between patients.

Paradigm can help you build a robust risk assessed solution to reduce this time.


Dental Design Solutions


Extract aerosols before they can escape into the room using high velocity Cattani suction with the ASPI AERO 25


Dental surgery design air filter

Should any aerosol escape your extraction measures, Medixair will neutralise it.
Irradiating airborne bacteria and viruses.



 Building a robust risk assessment?

‘Making every effort’ is important.

1) Avoid waiting for aerosols to settle before wiping surfaces

2) Extract aerosol spray from AGP’s at the patients’ mouth to prevent it escaping into the room

3) Sterilise the air in the room with proven technology, to neutralise any aerosol that gets past your extraction measures

4) Confidently build a risk assessment that will withstand scrutiny


Ask for our technical brochure which identifies all the salient facts that will back up your risk assessment and method statement, when dealing with Aerosol Generating Procedures.

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