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The Client. 

Drs Baber Kahn & Semina Younis

The Brief. 

Take a practice that was underperforming, redesign it and help the Principals take it to another level. 

The Results.

"We tell you this because we were (unknowingly) vulnerable when we met Gavin Willis at Dental Showcase back in 2013. We had taken over a dental practice in Bexleyheath in 2009 and were in the process of refurbing, extending and modernising.  We chatted to a few people at Showcase, but it was not until we met Gavin that we really began to understand how much we needed expert help and how much better equipped Gavin was to give it to me than any we had spoken to. We very quickly came to terms with the fact that we could waste huge amounts of money and far from improving our practice, we could be simply creating problems for ourselves, our associates, our staff and our patients.


Without question, Gavin knows what makes a dental practice tick. No one we had spoken to before or have spoken to since is in the same league.  And his understanding goes way beyond dental practice design. He really gets the importance of practice workflow and its impact on profitability. He has an ability to assess the way you like to work and, as a result, designs your surgery so that you’re always giving of your best. He has an almost instinctive feel for where one is trying to position one’s practice in the overall marketplace. And his enthusiasm and positivity are infectious and affirming. "


Drs Baber Kahn & Semina Younis

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