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The Client. 

Drs Jonathon & Janet Hill

The Brief. 

To help the Principles upgrade from NHS to Private Practice, design and brand a practice that would restore their enthusiasm for doing dentistry.

The Results.

"What was great was how supportive and encouraging he was.  This was a big step for us and we knew that there would be plenty in the dental business happy to take our money; what we needed, however, was an honest appraisal of what we were looking to achieve. We weren’t asking for pats on the back but for informed guidance. Gavin gave it to us......and more.


Right from the start, he bought into our vision.  We explained our frustrations with the NHS and outlined the way we wanted to run our practice. We showed him the premises we were purchasing (it was previously a dress shop} and asked him to give his assessment of its suitability.  It was gratifying to be told that Gavin shared our opinion as to its potential but what encouraged us more was the way Gavin showed us how the best use could be made of every inch of space. It made us realise how many practices and surgeries are designed to a formula by people who don’t really understand the first thing about dentistry workflow (or practice design come to that)."


Drs Jonathon & Janet Hill

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