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The Client. 

Dr Robert Watson

The Brief. 

Here is a principal who, business-wise, works in an ordered and disciplined way with the long-term always in mind. Our relationship with Dollar Dental goes back many years. Robert Watson could have chosen to work with others. He has always chosen Paradigm to help him keep his practice ahead of the game.

The Results.

"I think every dentist will agree that much of what we purchase for our practices will come under the heading of a commodity. In which case it makes good sense to buy as cheaply as you can (whilst of course taking into account such considerations as delivery and so on)."


"But when it comes to choosing a supplier whose input will be directly related to the way your practice work, my opinion is that you should be far more demanding. I worked with Gavin Willis of Paradigm Design Solutions a good number of years ago and still work with him today. Quite apart from his ability to design practices and surgeries, his knowledge of dentistry is head and shoulders above that of any of his competitors." 


"Gavin listens and understands the way I work. He designs accordingly. He and his company put themselves out for me and I value that."


Dr Robert Watson

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