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MEDIXAIR - Airborne infection control – the solution

The Medixair UV air steriliser will remove all bacteria and viruses from the air in your practice. With clinically proven award winning technology Medixair will protect you and those you care for.

Deployed against SARS and all forms of influenza these products provide 24 hour protection where ever you are.



  • Medixair produces 25m3 of sterile air per hour

  • Powerful UV energy 22,500µ−2

  • In vitro testing at Microsearch UKAS laboratories

  • Clinically tested NHS Northwick Park

  • Quiet operation at <33dB

  • Full safety certification

  • Effective against all major viruses and bacteria

Harmful pathogens are released into the surgery atmosphere as airborne droplets with air rotors, scalers and other dental equipment. Whilst this machine does not prevent this, it quickly cleans the air in the room to make for a much safer working environment for dental professionals and their patients.

Ideally positioned close to the head of the dental chair, Medixair will quickly clean the air in the surgery after treatment of the patient.

It also protects you and your staff against airborne diseases brought in by patients

Medixair from Paradigm – safer for you, your staff and your patients.

air purifier



dental surgery designed

FROM £1150 


Use Medixair as a marketing tool by advertising the fact that you have the latest air sterilization technology in your practice.
This will reassure patients in the critical period when the pandemic is coming to an end and you need to build confidence in a nervous population.

dental surgery air purifier

Used in hospitals all over the world, they have a dramatic reduction in airborne pathogens.


E-Mail us now for more information, or pre-order.

Orders will be processed on a first come first served basis. Made in the UK, manufacturing is in progress at time of writing.

Wall mounted version £1150.00 (plus VAT & delivery*)

Mobile floor mounted version £1295.00 (plus VAT & delivery*)

*Delivery costs are subject to location and will be quoted for upon enquiry.

Medixair dental design surgery
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