If you’re intending to submit a planning application now or in the near future, here is some advice that you’ll find helpful.


The important consideration is to have a very clear idea from the outset of exactly what your planning application will ultimately involve. The reason for this is that if, for example, you apply simply for change of use that is all the planning people will look at.  If you then get the approval you are seeking, you will still be required to submit further planning applications for such things as external signage, positioning of windows and air conditioning units. Additionally, of course, you will incur the full application fees once again.

And all this eats up time. Planning Authorities are under enormous pressure and although they reckon to get you back a response in 8 weeks, this can easily stretch to 11 weeks or more. So a project, that initially seemed very straightforward, can drag on and result in a loss of income way beyond that you may have anticipated.​​