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The Client. 

Dr Ayzaaz Akram

The Brief. 

To convert a high street retail outlet into a stunning, 'stop them in their tracks' practice and use every inch of space to maximum advantage.

The Results.

"We’d been approached by a firm who purported to specialise in surgery design. We gave them an opportunity, particularly as what they offered was ‘a free design service’. Let us simply leave it on the basis that when something costs nothing that’s usually what it’s worth."


"Somewhat disillusioned I went to Dental Showcase to seek something or someone better. And that’s where I met Gavin Willis of Paradigm Design Solutions. It didn’t take me long to appreciate that I was talking to somebody who not only understands dentistry inside out but ‘gets’ the way a practice works. Believe me; Gavin is in a different league!!"


"To cut to the chase, I invited Gavin to come and look at our new acquisition. He must have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of practices new and old, but what impressed me was his enthusiasm.  He more than bought into our vision, but even more importantly he pointed out things I just hadn’t seen, opportunities that we could exploit and showed us how we could use the available space to maximum advantage.​"

Dr Ayzaaz Akram

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