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Updated: Jan 4, 2019

A cabinet issue.

Surgery cabinetry is just not sexy. I accept that.

However when you’re having a rethink about your surgery it merits rather more than a ‘screw it to the wall, bung everything in and close the doors’ approach. Let me outline some reasons why well designed, carefully considered cabinets can give your practice a real edge and provide you with a far better working environment too. The easiest way to do this is to take you through the check points that we take into account when we design surgeries and install cabinetry:

  1. What items need storage? What are their usage patterns? What are their life cycles? What is the impact of storage on wastage and stock control?

  2. What layout of cabinetry works well with the room? What practical considerations need to be taken into account with installation, provision and positioning of services? What sort of lighting do you need/want?

  3. How do you do your dentistry? Can cabinet design and layout enhance the way you and your nurse work?

  4. What construction materials for the cabinetry are best suited to meet your requirements? Are they suitable/appropriate in relation to your budget? What sort of life expectancy do you anticipate?

  5. To what extent should future proofing be taken into account both in relation to your requirements and possible legal changes?

  6. How many dentist teams will be using the surgery? Do the disciplines vary? Right handed/left handed?

  7. To what extent do you want to ‘wow’ patients with the cabinets?

  8. When and if you change your dental nurse or need an agency nurse, how easy will it be for her/him to familiarise herself/himself with the cabinetry?

  9. What material do you want for the work surfaces? And will the cabinets last as long?

  10. What factors need to be considered in relation to the positioning of other equipment in the surgery?

This check list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. Each project needs to be considered on its merits because no two dentists are the same. And no two buildings are the same. That’s why I believe that, as far as it is possible, you should have bespoke cabinetry in your surgery.

And before you ask. No, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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