Understanding the way you and your team work and making best use of the space available are key to surgery design. Ideally, a surgery should be designed from the “patient’s mouth outwards” even taking into account whether the dentist is right or left handed.


Cabinetry design, layout and configuration are a major consideration and there are variations and adaptations that a good designer will incorporate to meet specific needs and preferences.


The skill we have at Paradigm is understanding dentistry and clinical procedures and translating all this into a surgery that enhances your skills (rather than asking you to change the way you work).

The key issues we will address with you are:


  • Minimising clutter

  • The benefits of mobile cabinetry

  • Workflow

  • Sterilisation

  • Use of surgery for different applications/specialist treatments

  • Designing in anticipation of changes and developments in dentistry

  • Worktop materials